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Writing is Art Magazine - October 2022 Issue

Writing is Art Magazine

the magazine for:

  • Writers & Authors
  • Illustrators & Artists
  • Songwriters & Musicians
  • Anyone who loves literature, art, music, and uncensored, unbiased community fun.

In every issue:

  • Interviews & Reviews
  • Stories & Poetry
  • Giveaways & Contests
  • Marketing & Writing Tips
  • Fun Q&A – Ask Abbi
  • Historical Biographies
  • Top Tens – Random Fun
  • Quotes & Humor


The Writing is Art Magazine is a print magazine that features primarily indie & self-published authors, artists, and musicians each month.

If you would like to be interviewed – for either the Magazine or Podcast – please see the Interview page to submit an application.

Each issue we have a themed Author Advertiser’s page – please see the Advertising page for more details.

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Magazine issues are 12.99 for a single issue and 9.99 per issue for a yearly subscription.

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With every issue - one winner will be drawn at random for a giveaway!

October winner gets a set of Blackwing Pencils!