General Submission Guidelines

  1. What kind of work can I send? Send us anything that you feel will fit with us. We want short stories, novellas, hybrid work, song lyrics, poetry, essays, fiction, nonfiction, etc. See our home page for more info.
  2. What length do you want? Please keep submissions less than 20,000 words at this time – unless otherwise specified.
  3. Do you really accept artwork? Yes. We will be accepting some art pieces for our magazine. Art should be at least 80% traditionally created with minimal digital enhancement, though we will selectively be showcasing graphic designers as well.
  4. Are simultaneous submissions all right? Um… yes, but… if you send something to us and somewhere else – you must withdraw it from one or the other if it’s accepted. It cannot be published by us and someone else.
  5. Can I send multiple submissions? Not at once. You may submit one piece per entry/submission period. If you haven’t heard from us within two months you may submit a different work. Poetry, lyrics, and other short pieces may be submitted 3 at a time – preferably on the same document. Art pieces – only one per submission.
  6. Do you pay for submissions? Yes. We will be paying a small remuneration for magazine and book submissions. Sign up for our emails to keep up to date.
  7. When can I submit my work? Check our homepage to see if we are accepting or not. Do not send us anything if we are not accepting work – it will be automatically deleted.