Phucket Publishing

We believe authors have a responsibility to be conscientious in their work – to provide readers with a story that not only entertains, but actually benefits their lives, and in the process, the lives of the entire phucking world.

In doing so, we at Phucket seek to change the power-dynamics that lie at the root of the publishing industry. By paying the lion’s share of royalties to the author, rather than the publisher, Phucket Publishing enables our authors to improve their lives, the lives of their readers, families, communities, and thus, the world.

We at Phucket seek to bring our readers new authors of all types, to give voice to the voiceless, and power to the powerless, regardless of their education, religion, politics, ethnicity, or background. We at Phucket care about one thing, and one thing only – the writing, and what that writing will bring to the reader.

Contest Submissions Here

We are not accepting full-length manuscript submissions at this time.

We will be accepting submissions for short stories, novellas, poetry, lyrics, artwork, essays, hybrid work, etc., by October 2022 for publication consideration.

Please check back for information – or add your email HERE.

  • What We Do Not Accept:
    Submissions that lack morals, justice, ethical values, or that otherwise fail to deliver something of value to the reader will not be accepted. Horror, suspense, mystery, crime, murder – everything has its place in great stories – make us love it at the end.
  • What We Do Accept:
    Submissions in any genre written with a conscientious effort to improve the lives of readers in some way – fiction or nonfiction – provide knowledge, enlightenment, hope, inspiration, motivation, awareness, encouragement, or positive entertainment.

Changing the world with the power of the word

∞ one phucking book at a time.

Putting the power of the written word right where it belongs:

  • In the hands of the reader, from the writer who created it.


We support new authors, artists, and musicians as a community of creative, entrepreneurial wizards and magicians.

We will be reviewing select books on The Writing is Art Show and offer free promotions within our groups and social media – feel free to connect with us and use our platforms to post about your books, music, artwork, etc.